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Create Mailing Lists with Plunkett Research Products
Plunkett Research products are terrific tools when you need to build a sales prospect list in a hurry
Each of our products covers a specific
industry -- so you get a targeted prospect list

We provide unique profiles of hundreds of industry-leading firms in each industry.
“Plunkett Research has built a solid reputation providing industry analysis and research in a diverse spectrum of areas—energy and utilities, finance and investment, health care and biotechnology, and engineering and research to name a few.”

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Plunkett Online Access Online Tour
  • Purchase a one-year subscription to an industry online. This affords access to complete search, view, filter and export capabilities.
    Select criteria for targeted companies, including annual revenues, industry sector by NAIC code, number of employees, type of ownership and headquarters address by metro area, city, state or country. (Note, for export privileges, you must purchase a one-year access. Short-term subscriptions do not have export tools.)

    Export complete contact and mailing information into your choice of a Microsoft Excel file or a text file for use in mail merge or contact lists. Your exported list will include full company information (such as company name, HQ address, city, state, zip, country, phone, website) and up to 27 executives by name and title. Your list will also include annual revenues, employee count, ticker symbol and other pertinent data.
Printed Almanac with Online Tools Book Tour
  • Using our book/Online Tools packages, you can create a targeted sales prospect list in a matter of minutes
How you receive your Online Tools access
Each of our full-version Almanacs comes with an Online Tools registration form inside the front cover that enables you to request your free username and password.
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