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Sports Industry Overview
Amount Units Year/Season  Source
Estimated Size of the Entire Sports Industry, U.S. 498.4 Bil. US$ 2015 PRE
Estimated Size of the Global Sports Industry 1.5 Tril. US$ 2015 PRE
Annual Company Spending for Sports Advertising, U.S. 34.9 Bil. US$ 2015 PRE
Major League Baseball (MLB)
MLB League Revenue 7.9 Bil. US$ 2014 Forbes
Overall Operating Income 617 Mil. US$ 2014 Forbes
Number of MLB Teams 30 Teams 2014 MLB
Average MLB Game Attendance (162 Game Season) 30,450 Spectators 2014 ESPN
Average MLB Team Value 1.2 Bil. US$ 2014 Forbes
National Football League (NFL)
NFL League Revenue 9.6 Bil. US$ 2013/14 Forbes
Overall Operating Income 1.7 Bil. US$ 2013/14 Forbes
Number of NFL Teams 32 Teams 2013/14 NFL
Average NFL Game Attendance (16 Game Season) 68,775 Spectators 2013/14 ESPN
Average NFL Team Value 1.4 Bil. US$ 2014 Forbes
National Basketball Association (NBA)
NBA League Revenue (Basketball Related Income) 4.8 Bil. US$ 2013/14 Forbes
Overall Operating Income 692 Mil. US$ 2013/14 Forbes
Number of NBA Teams 30 Teams 2013/14 NBA
Average NBA Game Attendance 17,809 Spectators 2013/14 ESPN
Average NBA Team Value 1.1 Bil. US$ 2014 Forbes
National Hockey League (NHL)
NHL League Revenue 3.7 Bil. US$ 2013/14 Forbes
Overall Operating Income 453.4 Mil. US$ 2013/14 Forbes
Number of NHL Teams 30 Teams 2013/14 NHL
Average NHL Game Attendance (48 Game Season) 17,502 Spectators 2013/14 ESPN
Average NHL Team Value 490 Mil. US$ 2014/15 Forbes
Other Sports Industry Revenue
Major League Soccer (MLS) Revenue 600 Mil. US$ 2013/14 PRE
Average MLS Team Value 103 Mil. US$ 2013 Forbes
NCAA Sports Revenue (Including Div. I, II and III) 989.0 Mil. US$ 2013/14 NCAA
Spectator Sports* 36.9 Bil. US$ 2014 Census
Sporting Goods Stores Retail Sales, U.S. 43.8 Bil. US$ 2014 Census
U.S. Health Club Revenue 22.4 Bil. US$ 2013 IHRSA
Total U.S. Health Club Members 52.9 Mil. Jan-14 IHRSA
Health Club Revenue, Worldwide 78.1 Bil. US$ 2013 IHRSA
Total NASCAR Team Revenue 886 Mil. US$ 2015 Forbes
Average NASCAR Team Value 139.2 Mil. US$ 2015 Forbes
PRE = Plunkett Research estimate; IHRSA = International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association.
*Includes racetracks, sports teams and other spectator sports.
Source: Plunkett Research,® Ltd.
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