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Airlines, Hotels & Travel Almanac 2016 Edition


Airlines, Hotels & Travel Almanac 2016 Edition

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ISBN-13: 978-1-62831-374-1
Publication Date: September 2015
Pages: 491

How to Use This Book 3
Chapter 1: Major Trends Affecting the Airline, Hotel & Travel Industry 7
1) Introduction to the Travel Industry 7
2) Discount Airlines Compete with Legacy Airlines, but the Differences Are Beginning to Blur 9
3) Major Airlines Change Strategy, Charge Fees and Boost Profits 11
4) Some International Airlines Cut First Class Seats and Add to Business Class 13
5) ADS-B Improves Air Traffic Control 14
6) Private Jet Rentals Grow in the Form of Memberships and Fractional Shares 15
7) Boeing and Airbus Enjoy Boom in Orders/Major Aircraft Market in China 16
8) New Aircraft Designs Offer Greater Passenger Comfort/More Efficient Engines 19
9) In Flight Wireless Takes Off 20
10) Air Traffic Grows/Airports in Middle East and Asia Have Strong Traffic 20
11) Massive Long Term Growth in China’s Travel Market/Indian Travel Market Rebounds 22
12) Online Travel and Tourism Booking Continues Strong Growth 23
13) Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism Grow as Certification Standards Emerge 25
14) Hotel Market Rebounds/Luxury Chains Expand While Pod Rooms Grow in Popularity 25
15) Cruise Industry Market Is Strong while Capacity Soars with New Ships 26
16) New Technologies Show Promise for Port and Airport Security 27
17) High Speed Passenger Trains, Including Maglev, Advance in China and Europe 30
18) Self-Check-In Kiosks, RFID and Wireless Technologies Save Costs and Enhance Travelers’ Experience at Airlines and Hotels 32
19) Aging Baby Boomers Will Cause Significant Changes in the Leisure Sector, Including Sports and Activity-Based Travel 33
20) Private Space Vehicles Begin to Fly, Including the SpaceShipTwo Passenger Craft 34
21) The Future of Travel 35
Chapter 2: Airline, Hotel & Travel Industry Statistics 37
Airline, Hotel & Travel Industry Overview 38
Air Carrier Traffic Statistics, U.S.: 1981-2013 39
Air Carrier Traffic Statistics, U.S.: 12 Months Ended April 2014 and April 2013 40
Consolidation in the U.S. Passenger Airlines Industry 41
Annual U.S. Domestic Average Itinerary Air Fare: 1995-2014 42
U.S. Aviation Industry Average Annual Percentage Growth Forecasts by World Region: 2013-2034 43
U.S. Airline Passenger Activity: 2000-2034 44
Total Scheduled U.S. International Passenger Traffic, U.S. Commercial Air Carriers: 2000-2034 45
International Visitor Arrivals to the U.S.: Selected Years, 2000-2013 46
International Visitor Arrivals to the U.S., Forecast: 2013-2018 47
Top Destinations of U.S. Residents Traveling Abroad (Outbound): 2012-2013 48
Domestic Airline Jet Fuel Prices, U.S.: January 1986-May 2014 49
Quarterly System Operating Profit & Loss Margin for U.S. Airlines: 1st Quarter 2013-1st Quarter 2014 50
Top 10 U.S. Airlines & Airports Ranked by 2013 System Scheduled Enplanements 51
U.S. Airline Revenue Passenger Enplanements: January 1996-April 2014 52
Cruise Line Industry Overview, U.S.: 2009-2013 53
Amtrak Ridership, Monthly: January 1991-June 2014 54
Rail Passenger Capacity Utilization, U.S.: January 2003-June 2014 55
Highway Vehicle Miles Traveled, U.S., Monthly: January 1990-May 2014 56
Quarterly Growth in Real Tourism Spending & Real GDP, U.S.: 2000-2014 57
Transportation Services Index, U.S.: January 2000-May 2014 58
Percent Change in the U.S. Transportation Services Index (TSI) from Year-to-Year: 2005-2014 59
Employment in the Airline, Hotel & Travel Industry, U.S.: 2007-2013 60
Chapter 3: Important Airline, Hotel & Travel Industry Contacts 61
Chapter 4: THE TRAVEL 300: Who They Are and How They Were Chosen 93
Index of Companies Within Industry Groups 94
Alphabetical Index 103
Index of U.S. Headquarters Location by State 106
Index of Non-U.S. Headquarters Location by Country 108
Individual Profiles on Each of THE TRAVEL 300 111
Additional Indexes
Index of Hot Spots for Advancement for Women/Minorities 450
Index by Subsidiaries, Brand Names and Affiliations 452
A Short Airline, Hotel & Travel Industry Glossary 471

eBook Edition

Product Details

ISBN-13: 978-1-62831-707-7
Publication Date: September 2015
Pages: 491

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