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Please tell us your particular data and market research needs, using the form on this page .  We provide custom market research, competitive intelligence and industry analysis services to many of the world’s top corporations and institutions.

Also, we publish an outstanding subscription service (Plunkett Research Online) covering the world’s vital industries—providing industry analysis, statistics, trends and profiles of leading companies.  You will find some introductory data on industries to be available on this site.  The data we show here is intended to be samples only, and it is largely redacted.  Nonetheless, it will give you a good idea of the tremendous breadth of data and analysis that our Plunkett Research Online service and our published reports provide on the world’s vital industry sectors.  Prices and plans can be see at: .

We suggest that you check with your organization’s Information Center or Research Library to see if you are already a subscriber to Plunkett Research Online.

If your organization does not already subscribe to Plunkett Research, then we suggest that you get your Information Center Manager to ask for a free trial and a subscription price proposal, using this link: