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Company Profile > 3M COMPANY

Company Profile
Ticker: MMM
Exchange: NYS
Year Established: 1929
Employees: 88,667
Fiscal Year Ends in December

Phone: 651 733-1110
Fax: 651 733-9973
Address: 3M Center
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 United States

Types Of Business

Industry NAICS code: 3391

Health Care Products
Specialty Materials & Textiles
Industrial Products
Safety, Security & Protection Products
Display & Graphics Products
Consumer & Office Products
Electronics & Communications Products
Fuel Cell Technology
Industry Ranks
1. 3M Company30,871,000,000
2. GE Healthcare18,080,000,000
3. Siemens Healthcare15,943,010,000
4. Baxter International Inc15,259,000,000
5. Covidien plc10,659,000,000
6. Stryker Corp9,021,000,000
7. Becton Dickinson & Co8,446,000,000
8. Boston Scientific Corp7,143,000,000
9. Essilor International SA6,226,949,000
10. Olympus Corporation5,867,721,000
Inge ThulinCEO/Chairman of the Board/Director/President
Frederick PalenskyChief Technology Officer/Executive VP, Divisional
Linda AlvaradoDirector
Michael EskewDirector
Vance CoffmanDirector
Herbert HenkelDirector
Robert UlrichDirector
Muhtar KentDirector
Edward LiddyDirector
Sondra BarbourDirector
Thomas BrownDirector
Hak ShinExecutive VP, Divisional
Bradley SauerExecutive VP, Divisional
Michael KellyExecutive VP, Divisional
Joaquin DelgadoExecutive VP, Divisional
Michael ValeExecutive VP, Divisional
Frank LittleExecutive VP, Divisional
Ivan FongGeneral Counsel/Senior VP, Divisional
Gregg LarsonOther Corporate Officer/Secretary/Vice President
Marlene McGrathSenior VP, Divisional
Michael RomanSenior VP, Divisional
Jesse SinghSenior VP, Divisional
Ian HardgroveSenior VP, Divisional
Christopher HolmesSenior VP, Divisional
Julie BushmanSenior VP, Divisional
Nicholas GangestadSenior VP/CFO
Eric HammesVice President/Controller/Chief Accounting Officer

Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Legal Advisor:

3M Company is involved in the research, manufacturing and marketing of a variety of products. Its operations are organized in five segments: industrial, safety and graphics, electronics and energy, health care and consumer. The industrial business segment serves a range of markets such as automotive, electronics, appliance, paper, printing, food, beverage, and construction. Its major industrial products include Thinsulate Acoustic insulation and 3M paint finishing and detail products. Also, 3M Purification, Inc. provides a line of filtration products. The safety and graphics business segment serves a wide range of markets that increase the safety, security and productivity of people, facilities and systems. Major product offerings include personal protection, traffic safety, border and civil security solutions, commercial graphics sheeting, architectural surface and lighting solutions, cleaning products and roofing granules for asphalt shingles. The electronics and energy business segment serves customers in these markets, including solutions for electronic devices, telecommunications networks, electrical products, power generation and distribution and infrastructure protection. Major products include LCD computer monitors, LCD televisions, hand-held mobile devices, notebook PCs and automotive displays. The health care business segment serves medical clinics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, dental and orthodontic practitioners, health information systems and food manufacturing and testing. Products include medical and surgical supplies, skin health, infection prevention, inhalation and transdermal drug delivery systems. The consumer segment serves markets that include consumer retail, office retail, home improvement, building maintenance and other markets. Major products include the Scotch tape, Command adhesive and Filtrete filtration family lines of products. In December 2014, the firm sold its global Static Control business.
$USD, In whole numbers,
except marked * or %
    Cost of Revenue16,106,000,00015,685,000,00015,693,000,00013,831,000,00012,109,000,00013,379,000,000
    Gross Margin %47.8347.5547.0048.1247.6347.05
    R&D Expense1,715,000,0001,634,000,0001,570,000,0001,434,000,0001,293,000,0001,404,000,000
    Operating Income6,666,000,0006,483,000,0006,178,000,0005,918,000,0004,814,000,0005,218,000,000
    Operating Margin %21.5921.6820.8622.2020.8220.65
    SGA Expense6,384,000,0006,102,000,0006,170,000,0005,479,000,0004,907,000,0005,245,000,000
    Net Income4,659,000,0004,444,000,0004,283,000,0004,085,000,0003,193,000,0003,460,000,000
    Earnings Per Share6.836.406.055.724.564.95
    Book Value Per Share26.3925.5822.1922.0017.9614.26
    Operating Cash Flow5,817,000,0005,300,000,0005,284,000,0005,174,000,0004,941,000,0004,533,000,000
    Capital Expenditure1,665,000,0001,484,000,0001,379,000,0001,091,000,000903,000,0001,471,000,000
    Free Cash Flow4,152,000,0003,816,000,0003,905,000,0004,083,000,0004,038,000,0003,062,000,000
    Return on Assets %13.8213.5713.8714.2312.1013.77
    Return on Equity %26.5626.9427.5628.7428.2032.00
    Net Margin %15.0914.8614.4615.3213.8113.69
    Assets Turnover0.920.910.960.930.881.01
    Financial Leverage1.921.932.051.932.132.59
3M Purification Inc
Thinsulate Acoustic
Top Salaries
NameTitleSalary (US$)Bonus (US$)
Inge ThulinChairman of the Board/President/CEO1,339,0000
Ivan FongGeneral Counsel/Senior VP, Divisional669,900500,000
David MelineSenior VP/CFO721,6950
Hak ShinExecutive VP, Divisional673,0340
Bradley SauerExecutive VP, Divisional656,5260
Other Thoughts
Apparent Female Officers or Directors:
Corporate Culture
The company offers employees medical and dental insurance, domestic partner benefits, tuition reimbursement, flexible spending accounts, disability coverage, a 401(k) and adoption assistance.

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