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How To Install CD Rom

Quick-Start Instructions for the Plunkett’s CD-ROM
Welcome to Plunkett’s CD-ROM. This booklet contains information about installing data from the CD, and information about possible errors that may occur during installation. There are two things you should know before you install:
  • You must be running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 or later, or Windows NT to use this CD-ROM.
  • The database will be installed from the CD-ROM onto the hard drive of your computer. After installation, you will no longer need the CD-ROM to use the database.
To install the database…
  1. Close any and all open applications.
  2. Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
  3. Click Start, and choose Run…. Now, you're going to find the setup file on your CD-ROM drive, which is frequently d:\setup.exe or e:\setup.exe. You can also find the setup file using the Browse button. (For two of our publications only, "The Almanac of American Employers 2000-01" and "Plunkett's Companion to the Almanac of American Employer's 2000-01," the application setup executable files are aae2000.exe and caae00.exe.)
    *Don’t worry if your Run dialog box doesn’t say the same thing as the one shown here. We're going to change what it says in a minute anyway.
  4. Click Browse...
  5. Click the drop-down arrow for Look in:
  6. Click the drive for your CD-ROM. (It’s probably the D: drive like the one shown here, or perhaps the E: drive.)
  7. Click setup.exe (Remember, for "The Almanac of American Employers 2000-01" and "Plunkett's Companion to the Almanac of American Employers 2000-01," substitute aae2000.exe or caae00.exe for setup.exe.) and click Open. Be sure to click setup.exe (if you don't see setup.exe, look for an icon that looks like a computer next to the word setup).
  8. Click OK. The installation begins, and after displaying a screen telling you that the process has begun, the following dialog box appears:
    *This box contains the details of the end-user license agreement. Please read it carefully- this is a binding legal agreement.
    Click I Agree if you accept the terms of the license. After a few moments, the next Welcome dialog box appears:
  9. Click Next. Now Select Destination Directory dialog box appears.
  10. Click Next to install the Plunkett data files to their default locations. The Ready to Install dialog box now appears.
  11. Click Next. Installation begins.
  12. The Installation Completed dialog box now appears. Click Finish.
You can now begin using the Plunkett data. Look on your Desktop screen for the Plunkett icon representing the CD you have installed. Double-click the icon and your CD-ROM will start.
If the CD will not install or does not run, you will have to run the MDAC21.exe located on the Plunkett CD. Follow installation steps 1 through 6 again. However, instead of running Setup.exe, run MDAC21.exe. Then, shut down and restart your computer. Follow the CD installation instructions again. Your CD should install and run properly.
To Uninstall the CD-ROM…
If, for some future reason, you find that you need to reinstall the CD-ROM on your computer, you must first uninstall your previous setup and installation. (Otherwise, you will receive error messages.)
  1. Click Start, point to Settings, and choose Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. You may have to scroll down the list to see the Plunkett CD data you have installed (do this by clicking the down arrow on the scroll bar to the right of the list of programs). When you find it, click it to select it and then click Add/Remove….
  4. A Setup program runs, during which you see the dialog box shown above. Click Next.
  5. When the process is complete, close any open windows (such as the Control Panel). Now you are ready to reinstall. Follow the procedures to install.
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